What Family Law Attorneys Do for You

As experienced attorneys we know the stresses you are dealing with when going through a family law problem. Approximately one million marriages are dissolved in the United States every year, and while that’s a troubling number, it should tell anyone who’s facing the prospect of ending a marriage that he or she is far from alone. While almost every divorce comes about for different reasons, everyone who faces such a situation faces a difficult process that’s filled with emotions.

As a result, it’s almost never a good idea to attempt to handle a divorce by yourself. This process is one that requires sound decision-making and a high level of legal knowledge that only comes with experience. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to contact the family law attorneys at Hermann, Cahn & Schneider, LLP if you are considering such a step. In the meantime, below are just a few examples of what our firm can do for you.


The laws, rules and regulations that deal with family law in Ohio are voluminous to say the least. In addition, this body of law is constantly changing, and any one of these adjustments could directly and tangibly affect your divorce case. Rather than attempt to learn these laws on your own and then apply them to your situation, you’ll be well served by the help that we can provide based on our inherent knowledge of these laws.


As harsh as it may seem, divorce cases often turn on strategy. Formulating a proper strategy in this sort of setting requires a clear mind, years of experience and the ability to position certain aspects of a case properly. Numerous strategic decisions have to be made in each case, including the choice of expert and lay witnesses, settlement positions, and deciding specific claims to bring. Our attorneys have the ability to formulate strategy with you and translate those strategies into successful results.

An Even Keel

Perhaps what’s most important in any divorce case is the ability to have decisions guided by someone who is not overwhelmed by emotion. Emotion clouds judgment, and when faced with the prospect of breaking up a marriage or even a family, anyone would be burdened by a combination of guilt, anger, frustration, desperation or sadness. Working with our attorneys will be of tremendous help in this regard, because that emotional detachment could make the difference between an equitable result and a solution that’s less than desirable.