Taxotere Lawsuit – Permanent Hair Loss Injuries

Medical studies suggest that chemotherapy results in hair loss, but when the treatment is finished the cancer patient’s hair will grow back in about three to six months. Though it’s a distressing side effect but temporary.

However, with the usage of one of the chemotherapy drug known as Taxotere, there are many breast cancer women who have suffered a permanent hair loss.

According to medical studies, patients taking Taxotere suffered from permanent hair loss also known as alopecia which lasted for decades or more. As per the other reports from the reliable sources, Taxotere not only causes permanent hair loss but the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.

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Some of the common side effects of Taxotere include:

Most patients, who already suffering from breast cancer and battling with the disease suffer from an additional problem of hair loss which gives rise to mental stress.

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Some of the other side effects caused by Taxotere drugs are diarrhea, heart disease, infections, high blood pressure, nausea, sores in mouth etc.

Working of Taxotere Drug

Cancer cells keep on multiplying. As a result, cancer spreads across the whole body. Taxotere drug is same as other chemotherapy medications, which is introduced to stop the dangerous cancer cells from spreading. When these cells no longer multiply they just die.

Accusers can claim a lawsuit stating that the manufacturer of the drug failed to warn the doctors or the patients about the potential side effects of permanent hair loss through Taxotere.

Taxotere hair loss lawyers offer free confidential consultations to these patients until they receive compensation from the manufacturer of the drug.

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These lawyers state that the manufacturer of the drug did not warn the risks of the medicine to the cancer patients who would have used other alternative for the treatment. Navigate to this website to check out ligation of Taxotere lawsuit.

Taxotere lawyers help their clients to fight for their loss and mental stress.