Sanofi Didn’t Disclose The Risk Of Permanent Hair Loss

It has come to be assumed that hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy. However, hair grows back within some amount of time following the completion of chemotherapy. However, it has been found that with Taxotere, many people have to lose their hair permanently.

It means cancer patients who choose Taxotere for chemotherapy treatment does not grow back their hair in future. Plaintiffs say that if they had been aware of permanent hair loss, they would have opted for the other form of cancer treatment.

Sufferers of Taxotere drug also claim that Sanofi-Aventis(drug Taxotere manufacturer), had awareness as far back as the late 1990s that there was a big problem with Alopecia in some patients. To know in brief about Taxotere and its history, you can also visit

Taxotere lawsuits claim that Sanofi failed to warn cancer patients about the side effect of permanent hair loss or alopecia. Especially, Taxotere hair loss lawyers argue that the Sanofi knew that there was an increased chance of permanent hair loss, but it lured the people into thinking that this treatment is effective and will result only in temporary hair loss.

In addition, to warn potential side effects to cancer patients, claims can also be filed on the grounds of fraudulent simulation, design flaws, manufacturing flaws, and crimes of implied warranties.

If you or someone you know experienced adverse side effects with the use of Taxotere, you may have legal rights to file Taxotere lawsuits against Sanofi.

Permanently bald Taxotere sufferers can get the justice by qualifying for financial compensation. Discover more here about Taxotere and Taxotere lawsuit.

To see if you can qualify for compensation, you need to contact a good Taxotere hair loss attorney. If they find your case to be accountable for financial compensation, you can qualify for a cash settlement for the pain, sufferings you have faced.