Information About Defective Hernia Mesh

Throughout the United States, thousands of people were having hernia surgery, involving a hernia mesh. Everything was going fine, but deceptively something went terribly wrong with the Ethicon hernia mesh.

The memory recoil spring in the hernia mesh, which was used to open the device during insertion, may get failed under pressure after it gets implanted in the abdomen. Several lawsuits were filed against the manufacturer for this reason.

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Defective Hernia Mesh

At the beginning, the problems with the Ethicon hernia mesh did not start appearing. But after some time reports of its failure after implantation starts appearing. Some people had to suffer from serious side effects including chronic pain in the abdomen, internal bleeding, bacterial infection, etc.

There were other problems as well, like bowel obstructions, perforation, recurrence of a hernia and in some cases loss of life. Certainly, this was not the expected result after hernia surgery.

Later, this patch was recalled by FDA and the physicians were asked not to use these defected meshes in hernia surgeries. But till then several people had already used this faulty mesh as hernia treatment.

Hernia Mesh Complications

The people who were facing several complications files lawsuits against the manufacturer of Ethicon mesh claiming that they failed to warn against the possible complication despite knowing the fact.

But there are several people who do not know that this kind of a situation can be classified as medical malpractice. So if you fall into this category, you must wake up and hire a good Ethicon Physiomesh Lawyer that can help through this.

These experienced lawyers can help you in getting compensation for medical expenses, physical and mental trauma and absence from work. You should not file a case without consulting an attorney, as there are several legal procedures you may not be aware of.