Child Custody Options For Divorcing Parents

The child custody options available to separating parents depend on the state one live and the situation of their child. You can contact ‘family mediation Munich’ (also known as ‘familienmediation münchen’ in the German Language) in order to know more about child custody.  There is five type of child custody :

  •   Physical
  •    Legal
  •    Sole
  •    Joint
  •    Bird’s nest custody

Now let us have a look at temporary Custody.  Temporary Custody is a short-term arrangement in order to ensure that their child will be well-taken care till the time a final decision is awaited.


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In temporary custody, custodial parent to find a settlement about everything that involves the child.  The person given temporary custody has to look after a child’s schooling, healthcare, and welfare. There are even ‘separation counseling’ ( also known as ‘trennungsberatung’ in the German language)  services that provide divorce and separation counseling.

The guidelines related to temporary custody vary state vise. Every state has particular requirements for this kind of custody.

Physical Custody

In this kind of custody, your child lives with you. There states where joint physical custody is allowed. Here child’s parents are given equal amounts of time with their child.  It is a better option as you and your ex-partner can spend the maximum amount of time with your child.

This is possible only if a parent lives near each other. As conflict can affect your child so it is important that both individuals have a cordial and workable relationship.


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Legal Custody

Here right and responsibility regarding the upbringing of your child are given.  That means you have the right to decide about your child healthcare, schooling, and religious upbringing. There are some states that allow joint legal custody.

The only problem related to this is conflicts and misunderstandings that might arise regarding upbringing principles of parents. You can click here to know more about child custody.

Sole Custody

Insole custody, custodial rights are given only to one parent whereas the other parent can only visit the child. This is done when the child is not safe in one parent’s home.


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